Which is better brand: Huawei or infinix?

Buying a phone today is much difficult than it used to back in the days. Why? Because there are a lot of options in the market with the prices, devices, features, specs, etc. that can easily make any consumer feel confused. Brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Infinix, LG, Vivo has completely evolved the smartphone space for users, all around the world. Apple and Samsung, however, has pricier phones if we compare them to Huawei, Vivo, or Infinix. Moreover, the smartphone brands Huawei and Infinix have definitely given the best of both worlds to the consumers. Both brands offer great value for money with amazing features.

Now the question comes in that which is the best between Huawei and Infinix. For clarifications, both of these brands have their separate fan base and has continued to become a global mobile manufacturer. You can find a lot of variants for both brands all around the world. However, we will tell you some of the best features for both brands that can help you to choose from Huawei and Infinix.

Why choose Infinix?

Infinix is based in Hong Kong and in just a span of few years, it has captured a great market share globally. The company has its manufacturing centers in China while the R&D centers can be found in Korea and France. The smartphone brand was founded back in 2013 and now it has its subsidiaries running in almost 60 countries. Infinix very recently launched its S5 that is equipped with a 6.6-inch screen combined with an amazing 720×1600 pixel resolution. Here are some of the best reasons you can consider buying Infinix.

Great Screens

This is one of the most preferred features in a smartphone and Infinix smartphones do offer you great screens. Normally, all the variants of Infinix are equipped with high-resolution screens that enhance the user experience even more. Whether it be their flagship phone or entry-level phones, the users get bigger screens in almost every other Infinix smartphone. Therefore, if you are someone who loves bigger screens on smartphone then it should be a value-added benefit for you.

Compact Designs

No one likes to hold a bulky phone. And especially, if you are paying a good amount for the smartphone then you need to have a good looking phone. The Infinix phones come with compact designs that make the device to look good to the eyes. The Infinix phones don’t only good in the hand, but you can also easily place them in your pocket, all thanks to the handy and compact design.

Decent Cameras

One of the most evaluated features in a smartphone is its camera. With so many phones coming up with top-notch cameras, it has become a bit difficult for brands to keep their camera game upgraded, at all costs. Fortunately, you would find decent camera in all of the Infinix phones. Now it wouldn’t be that you would get a camera that you haven’t seen anywhere before, but for the price tag, it will be a decent camera. The picture quality of the Infinix phones are also good that wouldn’t disappoint a user.

Why choose Huawei?

Over the past few months, Huawei has been in some hot waters. It all started when the Chinese mobile manufacturing giant was banned from the US. The Trump government ordered all US companies to stop doing business with Huawei that also included Google. Since it’s an android smartphone company and wouldn’t have sustained well in the market without Google services. However, it all cooled down and all the former and latest Huawei phones are equipped with Google support services. Huawei has won the consumer market with its great features that provide for great user experience.

Long-term warranty

Usually, all smartphone brands offer one year warranty, however, Huawei has started a 2-year warranty program for a lot of its newly launched series. It is something that has been very well received in the consumer market and people believe that it is another valuable addition to the Huawei phones. You can very easily activate 2 years warranty on all new Huawei phones.

Out-of-the-box designs

We don’t think so that any other brand has done the gradient design in a way Huawei has done it. You can check out the latest series of Huawei and you would see some classy designs that have been integrated with the smartphones. Huawei has been launching very cool and unique design smartphones in the market. It makes the smartphone stand out from the rest and adds in the attractiveness of the device.

Great Camera

Huawei has really been working on the camera specifications in its smartphones, especially for the flagship series. It can be seen that over the past few years, the Huawei smartphones are coming with great camera specifications. The users are able to click amazing pictures with their Huawei smartphones. Hence, if you love to click some great selfies then you would love this feature in all Huawei phones.

Concluding it all, both the brands have their pros and cons that make them different from each other. Moreover, just like every user is different, the needs of every user are different too. You should select the brand that best matches your needs.

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