When and why ought to you have got an eye fixed exam?

When was the last time you made a preventive visit to an clínica oftalmológica? Is a watch exam or checkup half of your annual schedule? Most will probably answer: “by no means” recognizing how disengaged most folks are with a precious and irreplaceable asset like sight. With one hand on their heart, most people admit that they visit the ophthalmologist solely when it is “too late”.

Recent knowledge published by the WHO show that eighty% of vision problems may be prevented and treated if we act in time. It amazes you, does not it? Well, it is as real as it is very little known, as a result of all too often, individuals underestimate the importance of standard eye examinations and visit the ophthalmologist only after they have to deal with rising or chronic problems.

The exception is the case of those folks who come back for a few quite aesthetic treatment (such as blaqueamiento ocular) or for a change in their quality of life to replace lenses (as in the case of implantes de lentes intraoculares). Usually before carrying out these treatments it’s advisable to perform general controls to see if they can be well supported and to estimate their success in each case.

But it’d be a terribly different story if most of us had the habit of performing an annual ophthalmologic management, just as we have a tendency to perform routine tests to check blood or urine values. The reality is that these days wanting for an ophthalmologic clinic or visiting a sensible ophthalmologist in Bogota is not inaccessible from the economic point of view, neither is it a titanic task in terms of the quantity of options on the market, whose professionals and credibility are widely accepted.

The first step then is to create the decision: get checked periodically. The second is to be attentive: even people who don’t wear glasses ought to not neglect warning signs like loss of sharpness of vision, reddening of the eyes, excessive visual fatigue or perhaps evening migraine. And conjointly people who, despite sporting corrective lenses, forget to check the status of their visual impairment and the overall health of their visual system.

Why suffer years and years of discomfort, when a sensible skilled will detect early a congenital pathology like queratocono and, by doing thus, start acceptable treatments before it worsens? Like the rest of our body, our eyes, and therefore our sight, are subject to a process of mutation over the years, which should be kept underneath control.

In short, in these times when vision deficits are on the increase, among different factors due to our lifestyle that involves constant exposure to light from computers, the employment of smartphones and electronic devices in standard of living, additional than ever the advice is only one and emphatic: prevent, stop, prevent.

Make the neatest decision of your day and start wanting for an eye fixed clinic in Bogota. You will never, ever regret it.

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