What to Know Before Choosing Your UV Sterilizer

A UV sterilizer offers many benefits, making it worth its weight in gold to have at home in your saltwater aquarium. If you have ever been in a salon, you have likely been treated to what a laser lamp looks like when applied to the skin. You may be imagining a UV sterilizer inside an aquarium would also look like, casting a ghostly blue light across the water. While this is definitely a possibility, you should keep in mind that even if the light shines just right, there is no reason for your fish to be harmed by it.

The ultraviolet light produced by an appropriate UV sterilizer is capable of damaging or even killing certain bacteria in a wide range of organisms. For example, the bacteria responsible for killing off the goldfish in the hobby, E-coli, are sensitive to the UV light. Therefore, even though the lamp may produce an odd glow, they will not get hit by it. There are no worries about them dying or escaping because they cannot withstand the light. In fact, the only real danger comes from the environment they may encounter when they come into contact with other organisms.

Even the bacteria responsible for removing dead skin cells from your skin can be damaged by UV light. If this happens, the process of skin rejuvenation will become ineffective and you may find that you need to repeat treatments or even replace the whole tank with a new one. With lampara uv , a UV Sterilizer can give you a healthy and beautiful aquarium for years to come.

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