What is the Most effective Golf Ball to Use on a Golf Simulator?

I wanted to test a series of balls which had been somewhat inexpensive and readily out there in most golf retail stores and pro shops. I pick out not to use the prime of the line of golf balls, for this test, since all playable golf balls will break down at some point and most of the advantages of the higher finish golf balls have negligible impact on a simulator. In my alternative it is a waste of funds to use a $4 golf ball on an indoor golf simulator, when you can use a $1 ball and get the identical benefits.

The Test:
I ran an indoor golf league from my enterprise I utilised a diverse group of six balls for every week. The identical players played 9 holes every week on the very same golf simulator. Golf Bays limited the variables for the study, by holding everything continual except for the golf balls. I had eight players, each and every player utilizing their personal golf clubs. At the end of each week, I traded out the balls and replaced them with six new test balls. The six test balls had been placed in a bin next to the simulator, and the players had been only permitted to use the balls, I had supplied.

The Final results:
At the finish of the test, which ran for four weeks eight players and 9 holes per week, the results are as follows:

Callaway HX Hot Plus
The Callaway ball held up fantastic! There was a small put on and tear on the balls, largely due to friction from utilizing wedges and the grooves cutting the exterior of the ball. There was only 1 out of six balls which have been applied, that I would not use once again on a different round.

Nike Energy Distance Soft
The Nike held up fairly great, there was one particular ball which had a modest crack in the shell. 3 of the six balls showed a fair quantity of friction cuts. I threw away three of the six balls utilised.

Noodle +
This ball held up great for the first couple of weeks…but then it fell apart. I had one particular ball fully break into two pieces. An added two balls had cracks on the shell and were removed from the test before the fourth week. But for the cost, I was surprised they lasted as long as they did.

Titleist NXT Intense
General the ball held up incredibly properly, there was a tiny friction cuts on a few of the balls and only a single little crack on a single of the golf balls. I only threw away that one particular ball.

The Winner:
Primarily based on the results of my smaller study I would propose the Callaway and the Titleist balls. They each held up effectively and I was able to use the balls for many rounds just after the study was total. The cost is suitable for both of the balls. If I had to declare a winner: Callaway requires the prize.

Honorable Mention:
Once more for the cost the Noodle was a great ball, you may just require to get great at selecting up shards of golf ball off your floor.

The Loser:
The Nike Energy Distance Soft genuinely shocked me. I thought the soft ball would have held up improved than it did. Yes the Callaway and Titleist are a couple of bucks additional than the Nike, but it really is worth it.

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