Toy Joy Mini Marvelous Rabbit Vibe

The Toy Joy mini marvelous Rabbit Vibrator is a pink colored dual function rabbit vibe, it is designed in the long phallic shape of a real penis; complete with a perfectly molded dickhead. The transparent thermoplastic casing has a chamber not far from the head that contains an array of bi-directional rotating pleasure beads, these pleasure beads are carefully designed to rotate and vibrate simultaneously inside the plastic casing, and this combined motion in turn produces electrifying sensations especially when the toy is deep inside the vagina. A little lower; the rabbit-shaped clitoral massager extends gently out of the shaft in an upward curve for point contact clitoral massage. The base of this toy is rounded like the rest of the toy; but the control panel is designed in a flat shape for easy access and control. Being a dual action toy; the Toy Joy Mini Marvelous Rabbit Vibe boasts two pleasure points; one is the smooth phallic-shaped penetrative part, while the other is the rabbit shaped clitoral tickler, these pleasure points are furnished with individual motors and separate controls which allow users to regulate both points for a perfectly customizable experience. To use this toy; simply turn it on at the base then grip the handle and guide the tip to the entrance of the vagina, gently slide the toy into your pussy until the rabbit shaped tickler rests on your clitoris, then slide the toy in and out repeatedly to enjoy the thrilling sensations powered with 3 AAA batteries. The internal part burrows deep into the vagina as you thrust, while the external part treats the clitoris to targeted stimulations from the rabbit-shaped stimulator. This handy vibrator has a length of 8.75 inches, with an insertable 5 inches, a circumference of 4 inches and a diameter of 1.5; it’s produced with body-safe thermoplastic rubber; and the waterproof design makes it ideal for aquatic fun. Clean simply with hot soapy water or a toy cleaner, and remember to use a water-based lubricant. 더킹 카지노 can’t help but marvel afterwards.

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