SAT Math Word Difficulty Skills: Translating English Expressions Into Algebraic Expressions

SAT Math: Score Large by Understanding How to Translate From English Into Algebraic Notation,

Portion I: Translations Involving Only One particular Arithmetic Procedure Students who score large in the SAT Math are not necessarily much better at computation or equation resolving. What they are better at is “difficulty translation,” the ability to translate English expressions into algebraic notation. The excellent information about problem translation is that little more is essential than the memorization of a set of rules. In the identical way that, when getting a overseas language, you memorize the truth that “residence” is “Haus” in German, “maison” in French, or “casa” in Spanish, you memorize the truth that “3 less than a quantity” is created as “x – three” in algebraic notation.

Phrases indicating addition are in addition, sum, whole, better than, enhance, increased by, more than. Hence, “the sum of a amount and 7” would be composed as “n + seven.” Notice that we can use any letter as a variable-x, n, w, or w or any other letter we select.

In addition to recognizing the words and phrases that reveal addition, acknowledge the circumstances in which addition is logically implied. Usually, the notion of improve will indicate addition.

Subtraction is a minor trickier due to the fact often — but not usually — the phrase buy of an English phrase indicating subtraction will be the reverse of buy of the algebraic expression. Terms indicating subtraction are minus, difference, and less.

Right here are some typical phrases indicating subtraction and how the corresponding algebraic expressions are created: A number minus a few n – 3 The distinction among a number and 5 x – 5 3 considerably less than a quantity x – three (Notice the reversal of the purchase.) seven is subtracted from a amount x – seven (Recognize that the phrase “from” implies a commencing point. If you say, for instance, that you traveled to New York from Cleveland, that phrase implies that you commenced from Cleveland. In algebra, you “started out” from x. Consequently, the x must arrive very first in this expression.

Also, when translating into algebra, even if the essential terms are not there, if the dilemma indicates that a reduce has taken area, subtract. For illustration, if someone talks about getting rid of funds or the stock industry likely down, a decrease has taken area. Typically, that will show subtraction.

Multiplication: Search for terms like merchandise and times. Much more importantly, look at the fundamental logic of the problem. If the very same point is happening above and in excess of once again and you are striving to discover a overall amount, consider about multiplying. Identify that the term “of” when accompanying a portion or decimal suggests multiplication. For example, if a landlord owns ten apartments and collects $800 from every single tenant, his whole earnings is ten(800) = $8,000.

Division: Appear for words like divide and ratio. Far more importantly, look for conditions in which the whole is acknowledged but the measurement of every single personal portion is not acknowledged. Suppose we reverse the data about the landlord and we know that he has ten residences and earns $8,000 for each month. If we presume that every apartment rents for the exact same sum, how much is the rent for every single apartment? In this situation, we know a overall amount and are attempting to locate the dimension of each and every equivalent element-in this scenario, a lease payment. As a result, we divide.

Crucial Stage: Distinguish in between the meanings of “greater than,” “is better than,” and “how a lot increased than.” Greater than signifies addition. 8 better than x x + 8 Is better than suggests an inequality eight is greater than 5 eight > five How much greater than signifies subtraction. “How much greater than 5 is x” would be prepared as

x — five. Similarly, distinguish among “significantly less than,” “is significantly less than” and “how a lot considerably less.”

math help Considerably less than indicates subtraction. 7 considerably less than a variety is x – seven.

Is less than signifies an inequality. 3 is much less than six is 3 < 6. How much less than indicates subtraction How much less than 8 is x 8 – x Practice the following Translation Exercises: Use x to represent an unknown number. 1. A number increased by 11.
2. The sum of a number and 13
3. 3/4 of a number
4.. A number minus 17
5. 12 less than a number.
6. 15 is subtracted from a number
7. The ratio of a number and 20.
8. A number of milk cartons is divided evenly among 15 children.
9.. How much greater is 59 than a number.
10. Total profit is x items are sold and earn $6 profit each.


1. x + 11
2. x + 13
3. 3/4(x) (Three-fourths times x)
4. x – 17
5. x — 12
6. x — 15
7. x / 20 (x divided by 20.)
8. x/ 15 (x divided by 15)
9. 59 — x
10. 6x

The next article in this series will focus on translations involving two or more arithmetic operations.

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