Reach More Customers and Significantly Reach Your Turnover by Having a Website

By having a professional website, your company’s credibility is lifted, consumer confidence increases, so sales also increase.
Together with Gardaseo, now creating a professional website can be as easy as turning the palm of the hand. You do not need to painstakingly learn the science of making websites or spend a lot of time and effort to create a website alone. Just entrust your company profile website needs to Gardaseo.
Gardaseo is an experienced website creation service in Surabaya or in indonesian language mean jasa pembuatan website di surabaya. We have served a variety of companies and governments.
Why Choose Gardaseo?
In the spirit of Creativity Without Borders, we always strive to provide the best service, including in creating a professional website that can help clients improve the quality of corporate branding. This is the reason why you should entrust the needs of your professional website to Gardaseo:
Professional Developer
Gardaseo has a team of expert developers who have years of experience in creating professional websites
Exclusive Website Results on Demand
The website design that we make always prioritizes the wishes and values ​​of the client company
FREE Substitution Theme
Bored with the look of the website? Relax, we serve the changing theme of the website every time you make an extension
Most Cost-Effective Subscription
Only with a subscription fee starting from 300 thousand per month, you can get a professional website with a variety of excellent features and the best maintenance service
Full Support
We not only sell to you, but we are always ready to help your business grow even better. Please consult with your business about digital marketing and our professional team will always be ready to help.
The Latest and Most Complete Features
Gardaseo’s website has the latest features that can help you increase sales
The Most Trusted IT Company
Gardaseo is a subsidiary of InterActive Group, a leading IT company that has served various IT needs since 2001
Reliable and User Friendly Platform
Gardaseo’s website is guaranteed to be safer and easier to use because it is supported by a reliable and trusted platform
Google AdWords FREE Maintenance
By ordering a website on Gardaseo, you will get a free Google Adwords ad package, helping you increase visitor traffic
FREE Update Content
The monthly subscription fee you pay will not be in vain, because we help you update the website content regularly
Gardaseo is a website creation service in Surabaya that has been operating for 5 years. We are trusted to create government and private company websites.
Main feature
Multi Device and Browser
The structure of the website made by Gardaseo has proven to be accessible on all devices and various types of browsers
Facebook Pixel integration
With the integration of Facebook Pixel in our website, it will be easier for you to track ads on Facebook if you use them at any time
Multi Protection
Gardaseo’s website is also designed with several layers of security systems, making the website safer from hacker interference.
Many template choices
We provide a large selection of website templates that you can choose according to your wishes and business categories
Mobile Friendly
We design websites that are supported by mobile friendly features, so that users of mobile gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets, are easier to access your website.
Easy Setting
It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand IT or coding systems, because the Gardaseo-made website can be set easily.
SEO Friendly
With our SEO strategy, your website will be easier to find on Google searches, so you can get more visitor traffic. kami melayani jasa seo website dengan harga murah untuk anda.
Fast Loading
Gardaseo’s website is guaranteed to have a fast loading rate, thereby increasing the convenience of internet users when visiting your website
Google Analytic Integration
With Google Analytics integration, it’s now easier to analyze performance reports from your website

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