Online poker general principles for all poker games

Online poker is no different to traditional card game as it is simply the online version. There are several forms around the world which have some similar guidelines. A player bets, raise , concede and call in the game. Surprisingly, some countries made poker as a national card game. Countless varieties of online poker game are there but all shares common features. Usually, it is game of five cards. The card’s value is inversely proportion to the frequency. In other words, higher ranking cards are one with unusual combination. In the game, one player bet to have the strongest hand whereas other either call or bet gamepokerqq pulsa.

However, a common strategy that players adopt is bluffing. They show other player that they are having best cards whereas in reality they don’t have it. Bluffing sometimes cause wins to players but only when the opponent is nuisance or beginner. Moreover, if the other player is smart enough to understand the strategy then bluffing yield no results. So, you cannot say it a best tactic in situs online poker.

However there are some general principles of the game. Let us read them.

General principles of online poker

Any form is suitable for players but the ideal number of players should be 6,7 and 8. Everyone’s goal is to win the amount in the pot. This is the aggregate amount of all bets that players make in one deal. However, the winner is not always one with high ranking poker hands. In case, when nobody calls then making a bet may make you win the pot. The general principles are however applicable to all forms.


There are only 4 suits ranking for diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts in the deck. The suits with A are high rank card. On the other hand, card with K,Q,J, and 2-10 is low ranking card. However, there are wild cards as well which a player can introduce in following ways.

  • By introducing a joker
  • A bug introduction which fills as a flush or fifth ace in the card series
  • Wild deuces cards
  • One eye, where a jack of spades and hearts are sometime called as wild cards


Odds determine the rank in online poker hands. However, there is no relative ranking of suits in poker. In case, a player introduces a wild card then one with all the five cards will get the highest hand. However, when more than one player has wild cards then there will be identical cards such as three or four. What identical hand does is that they divide the win equally or tie it. If there are more non-similar cards then ties are broken.


The players begin the game with rotation of cards until the jack card appears. Whosoever gets the jack becomes the dealer. However, dealing starts from the left and one getting the last will get the chance to shuffle the card.

Every situs online poker has professional dealer. The game then begins with betting and ends when one player wins.


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