Cordless Tool Batteries – Charging Suggestions

Commonly you can not destroy a newly bought battery by improperly charging or not preparing it for use. At the extremely least, you may perhaps have to use the battery a few occasions prior to you attain optimal performance. The life span of the battery will be determined mainly by how you use and charge the battery more than the course of its life.


Nickel Cadmium is the most prevalent chemistry applied in cordless tool batteries. Just after becoming rebuilt or newly purchased these cells commonly only come partially charged. It may possibly be needed to put these sorts of batteries by way of a series of charge and discharge cycles prior to reaching optimal functionality. Identified as priming, this can also be accomplished by the use of a battery analyzer usually utilised at your neighborhood battery shop.

Nickel primarily based batteries also like to be exercised, cycled and/or just plain applied fully before becoming charged, at least as soon as just about every 3 months depending on use. As with værktøj , you can exercise the battery by totally employing the cordless tool till battery run-time is expended or by conditioning the battery with a battery analyzer. Working out the battery also prevents battery memory.


In contrast to Nickel based cordless tool batteries you can use a Li-ion battery right away following buy or rebuilding. This is due to the reality that Li-ion batteries require not be exercised like Nickel primarily based cordless tool batteries. Also, this also means that you do not have to run down a Li-ion battery prior to charging. You must only charge a Li-ion battery when you plan to use it.

With all types of chemistries used in cordless tool batteries you must avoid high temperatures during charging cycles. Discontinue the use of chargers that cook batteries. A charger for NiMH can also accommodate NiCd, but not the other way about. Lastly, never leave cordless tool batteries on their chargers for “When you will need them”. Strategy ahead and give them a best charge prior to use.

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