Bold Stunning Brows (HD Brows)

A strong, nicely defined eye brow acts as a wonderful frame for your eyes and makes a big distinction to your face. Gone are the days of pencil thin, ‘tadpole’ brows – welcome to the era of Bold, Stunning Brows!

When in the early noughties saw a rise in popularity of quite thin eyebrows, more than the previous couple of years this has changed once again with style brands such as Dior, Chanel and Prada all featuring models with bold, stunning brows in their ad campaigns.

The eyebrows have come to be a style statement. They define the eyes and frame the face. A bold beautiful brow has been element of our beauty regime for some time now. Celebs are following suit as well stylish stars such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Keira Knightley and Alexa Chung all go for natural but defined brows.

In the course of the treatment course of action there are lots of measures to create the photo-finish look.

A specialist beauty therapist will use wax and tint to realize that Higher Definition HD Brow impact, leaving your brows looking bold and wonderful! If you are lucky enough to have naturally full brows and just want to preserve a much more defined shape, there are a handful of crucial guidelines you really should bear in mind.

– When tweezing, only pluck only stray hairs from underneath the brows, never pluck the hairs above them.

brow stamps is fine to remove stray hairs from among your brows, to avoid that ‘monobrow’ look, but Under no circumstances pluck beyond the bridge of the nose as it will leave you searching unnatural with

as well considerably space amongst your eye brows.

– It is much better to keep your eye brows at a related thickness all through, rather than beginning with a larger component that gets thinner at the finish.

– It varies from person to individual, but the arch, that is, the point where your eyebrow goes upwards, should really start at the outer edge of your iris (the coloured component of your eye). Measure it with a ruler if you require to.

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