ASO Trends No.1, Screenshot Design Strategies

In recent years, it has brought tremendous growth in the mobile application market. The information obtained by ASO World experts, the best aso service supplier, is that the recent increase in applications on the market has brought new market demands. Currently, top mobile app producers and developers invest huge budgets into the premium original marketing assets of the Apple App Store and even the more popular google play aso Market. Today, the main challenge for marketers and developers is the strong need to identify the exact original asset or concept to run tests in order to obtain valuable results.

Through a detailed analysis of millions of recent user sessions on the app store, you can discover some interesting modern trends in app marketing that can greatly help you develop app store optimization (ASO) and user reach (UA) metrics. This month¡¯s trend shows that innovative strategies for designing app preview screenshots play a central role in modern ASO implementation.

The main trend of current ASO: Screen shot design strategy

ASO allows to improve app preview screenshots

Each application demo starts from its “Gallery” page. This vital element on every app store page will attract users¡¯ attention and keep them interested in core app features. After working with the App Store, the element called Gallery has become crucial, especially during the so-called first impression framework. During the first impression, screenshots can also greatly affect the android installs rate. The reason for this phenomenon is that the selected screenshots in the “First Impressions Library” you have prepared will be displayed to all guests who check the store entries.

When the App Store and Google Play are first launched, the entire existing collection of original assets cannot be analyzed and tested. Today, mobile app initiators have all the tools they need to check the efficiency of their original assets in a matter of minutes. In the past, Screenshots mostly had unpretentious design and direct messaging, these messages specifically carried the important and conventional functions of the application. A common lack of diversity is the retention of applications on the same repetitive basis.

Modern ASO brings multi-part screenshot design and complex messaging

The latest addition to the app store has brought about a need to change existing app promotion methods. Nowadays, if you want your application to be noticed, it is important to distinguish it from the entire familiar application. Leading developer teams use creative testing more frequently and try to implement the latest strategies for new Screenshot designs. This current trend leads to more use of more gorgeous design components, including original images, multi-dimensional backgrounds, and impressive Panoramic Sc??reenshots Collections, which can cover two or more App Preview screenshots. Please note that “Photo Gallery” is not just a set of colorful multi-dimensional backgrounds and exclusive panoramic screenshots. This is a good tool that combines various design basics to attract visitors¡¯ attention.

ASO monitors the latest screenshot design trends

With the recent trend of transferring multi-part ideas to Screenshot Galleries, developers have begun to rarely use unique ideas. This is why ordinary users usually face the simple screenshot design with direct messaging function that was proposed a few years ago. In fact, nearly 70% of the applications currently in the “Hot List” have a more basic design. Nowadays, many authoritative brands such as Tumblr and YouTube use simple design and straightforward messaging.

Many modern companies have changed their Screenshot Gallery design to the previous basic version. The general trend indicates that major mobile application producers use a simple set of tools to test their concepts. In addition, they tend to test their products at least twice a month. This phenomenon shows that the upcoming ASO strategy goes far beyond a pair of tests for a single CVR enhancement. On the contrary, this is still a long-term work that allows you to successfully optimize applications in the app store. In addition, the app store is an active environment, so it is important to keep track of the latest trends.

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