20 Autoimmune Protocol Recipes You Must Try

With a prep time of five minutes, and only a handful of ingredients, this savory soup is both comforting and nutrient-rich. These 27 recipes span the range of AIP foods, from main dishes, side dishes, smoothies, and desserts to everything in between. A 2015 study focused on another theory called the hygiene hypothesis. Because of vaccines and antiseptics, children today aren’t exposed to as many germs as they were in the past.

Don’t be discouraged about the length of the not allowed foods. Stay tuned for the list of foods you can eat which will follow shortly. This Energizing Turmeric Tea recipe by Laura Peill is not only AIP diet-friendly, but it also has specific ingredients to fight inflammation such as turmeric, matcha, and cinnamon. On top of that, this tea will be filling due to the healthy fat-rich coconut milk and coconut oil. The key is to go simple and then build out from there, adding ingredients as needed. You can eat all high-quality animal proteins, all vegetables, and fruit , coconut, lard, bacon, avocado, olive oil, salt, herbs.

Additionally, it alters our gut microbiome and increases the potential to trigger autoimmunity. If you have an autoimmune disease, the AIP diet may help to manage symptoms. Perhaps you don’t have a diagnosis but suspect an autoimmune disorder How long will a CBD oil stay in my system? or food sensitivity. In this case, the AIP diet process may be helpful in finding some of your sensitivities. The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Diet, which is essentially an elimination diet, is a more restrictive version of the Paleo diet.

Theralife has a formula specifically developed for Autoimmune diseases, especially Sjogren’s who have severe dry eyes, dry mouth, and joint pain. Research participants reported significant improvements in their quality of life. A healthy gut typically has a low permeability How should I store Vegan CBD Gummies? – allows it to act as a good barrier and prevent food and waste remains from leaking into the bloodstream. With the diet, regular exercise, and better stress management, her UC got better — much better. She’s now a telephone counselor for the UMass IBD-AID program.

Andrea personally uses both Paleo and AIP approaches to effectively manage pyroluria and GI issues. She uses specific diets and protocols to assist clients in their individual needs, and focuses on the foundations of health, rather than just treating the symptoms. Work with your medical team to address any root causes, underlying gut issues, nutrient deficiencies, or concerns you have. While many who start the AIP focus on nutrition, the AIP lifestyle factors are incredibly important for autoimmune health and wellness.

One participant with postoperative recurrence of ileal CD with known ileocolonic anastomotic stricture required hospitalization for partial small bowel obstruction approximately 3 weeks after study start. This was attributed to a significant increase in raw vegetables, salad, and meat consumption. This participant did not communicate with health coach or dietician regarding dietary changes in the setting of known stricture. Participant’s symptoms resolved overnight with the use of intravenous steroids, and patient was discharged on rapid steroid taper.

  • The diet also emphasizes consumption of fresh, nutrient-dense, fiber-rich, and fermented foods, which may help promote gut healing and oral tolerance to foods.
  • Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking professional advice because of something you have read on this web site.
  • Grains, legumes and some other foods present problems for other reasons.
  • Some of the most common autoimmune diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, lupus, and celiac disease.
  • A strict elimination period of at least 18 months to two years is recommended before reintroducing nutritional foods that were initially removed for potential harmful compounds.
  • This can help them stop symptoms from flaring again, or they simply developed new eating habits and realised that they feel better eating more of an AIP template.
  • This means a lot of upfront meal preparation and a big shift from what the typical Western diet looks like.
  • And if you are worried about risking your money on the AIP Diet Ebook then do not worry.
  • These conditions are ripe for illness as the animals are constantly standing around in feces.
  • Dr. Alessio Fasano discovered zonulin, the protein that determines how leaky the gut is. .
  • For example, if you know dairy makes it hard for you to sleep, you may avoid it in your weekly diet but choose to accept the consequences on holidays.
  • The ideal timeto start a new dietary protocol, like the Autoimmune Diet, is now.Don’t overthink it, and don’t wait for a proverbial opening in your calendar.
  • But since those are mostly grains, legumes, or nightshades anyway, it doesn’t eliminate anything new.
  • To make the breakfast has I melted coconut oil in a frying pan and then added chopped onion and garlic.
  • Dr. Hylland said that his patients who are overweight often benefit from diets that promote weight loss.

Some people view the AIP as a stricter version of the paleo diet. Our approach at Advanced Functional Medicine is do assess the biochemistry of our patients, remove any healing blocks and rebalance the body allowing the body to heal and stop the autoimmune cycle progression. Are you then back to square one, doing the elimination diet all over again?

Cassetty, who has rheumatoid arthritis, tried the AIP diet herself. “It eliminated some of the foods I enjoy routinely and I think of as quite nourishing,” she said. “The stress an elimination diet adds to your life is a big deal.” And she didn’t notice any changes in her symptoms before and after the AIP diet. Suppose you have an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto’s disease, or inflammatory bowel disease. In that case, you’re probably on the lookout for treatments that can help keep your symptoms under control.

Aip Diet Grocery List ??

Some report more weight loss with T4/T3 combination vs T4 alone. The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) full of sugar and simple carbohydrates is perfectly designed to cause us to gain weight year after year. Even yogurts that are marketed as “healthy” contain the equivalent of 16 teaspoons of sugar.

How Do I Reintroduce Foods On The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol?

Some researchers have found that three to six months on a gluten-free diet can eliminate organ-specific antibodies. In general, most people with autoimmunity need to find their food sensitivities, heal from infections, and eat organic; however, bioindividuality is important, not everyone will respond to the same interventions. The foods that heal one person, may not be the same for another. It might seem like a lot to give up, but feeling your symptoms fade away can make it feel like it’s all worthwhile. It depends on the person and their individualized food sensitivities.

During the Autoimmune Protocol, you’ll need to follow the diet strictly for the first few weeks. After that, you can begin to introduce foods back in, keeping those that don’t trigger your symptoms. Adding a variety of healthy foods to your diet helps bolster the immune system against disease. If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you have an autoimmune disease, your doctor might have (or should have!) recommended to change your diet.

With the process, they can continue eating the foods with zero-symptom occurrence. Meanwhile, if any uneasiness happens, the foods can be again put into the removed list. Now, you can see, grass-fed meats plus vegetables are the foundation of the AIP diet.

You should also avoid any type of dairy, including milk, cream, cheese, butter, and other dairy-based protein powders. This becomes a bit of a problem for people who like to consume bread or pastries on a regular basis. Luckily, we have some AIP-approved alternatives that you can try. In our AIP meal plans, we plan to eliminate and reintroduce foods removed from the diet safely. One way for us to ensure that we are implementing safe protocols is by helping you reintroduce the particular food items in small amounts only. Anyone starting a strict elimination diet should take care, as cutting out legumes, grains, and dairy, for example, can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Spend Time Outdoors In The Sun

Of course, the main foundation of the Autoimmune Protocol is diet, but that’s only a piece of the overall picture. It’s hard to heal from anything if you’re only sleeping 4-5 hours a night or are exposed to constant, chronic stress, whether you choose to be or not. This is not the typical calorie-restricting or weight-loss diet.

However, this isn’t a typical therapy, and wouldn’t be readily available to most patients . In one literature review, 12 of 15 studies found fish oil to improve psoriasis severity . For this reason a so-called anti-inflammatory diet may ease psoriasis symptoms. One review of 28 studies found that alcohol is likely a risk factor for developing psoriasis, and that those with the disease drink more than healthy adults .


It is best to reintroduce slowly and intentionally so you can assess for any symptoms and correctly identify which food is a trigger. You can support healing autoimmunity through diet and nutrition. However, many healing diets are restrictive requiring the removal of foods that exacerbate autoimmune Are delta 8 gummies safe? symptoms and replacing them with foods that nourish at a cellular level. This kind of diet can be a new and often challenging way of eating. On the AIP diet food list, you eat lean meat, seafood, liver, bone broth, many vegetables, fruit, yogurt and other fermented foods, and some oils.

Here are common symptoms, causes, and recommended treatments. Don’t stay on any diet too long if it’s not working.If you don’t notice any positive changes after a few weeks, consider trying something different. Dr. Amy Burkhart is a doctor (M.D.), Registered Dietitian, R.D., and fellowship-trained in integrative medicine.

Common Aip Foods

Also, autoimmune diseases and inflammation aren’t only related to diet. Other factors can come into play, such as gut infections like SIBO (see Question N. 3), gut dysbiosis, toxin overload, parasites etc. Unlike food allergies, food intolerances have a milder outcome, but their cumulative effect can provoke inflammation in the body and stimulate the immune system. Especially in those individuals who already suffer from an autoimmune disease, food intolerances can exacerbate symptoms and worsen their conditions. Depending on the stage and gravity of your autoimmune disease, you might still need to match the AIP with further support from medication or a personalized supplement plan. I was diagnosed 3 years ago when I initially couldn’t conceive a second time.

What To Eat On The Autoimmune Protocol:

It would be hard to stick to an autoimmune protocol diet since it restricts most of the foods. You can also consume some foods, which though as hard for you to leave, still, would be able to get favorable results. The altered autoimmune protocol diet should not contain high-fat content in it.


Autoimmune Paleo Diet works to remove trigger foods that would stimulate the immune system and leak through the gut causing a reaction. When your gut is permeable, food particles can leak into the bloodstream triggering the immune system to attack them. Which is exactly why I wanted to follow the Aip protocol but I just couldn’t get myself to start it.

In This Day And Age, Anyone Can Vary Their Diet

Now we know the fundamental autoimmune diet food structure. This particular diet structure includes the elimination of some foods that stimulate autoimmune disorders. I view AIP as the single best way to treat symptoms but I would not count on it to be your cure or to necessarily replace your medication.

In practice, this meant eliminating all of the most common inflammatory foods, including eggs, dairy, refined sugar, nuts, seeds, grains, and processed foods. At the same time, we focused on increasing our diet’s nutrient density by eating a variety of vegetables, meats, fish, fruit in moderation, fermented and probiotic foods, and healthy fats. The AIP diet is similar to the paleo diet, as it eliminates many of the same foods such as legumes, grains, eggs, nightshade vegetables, dairy, nuts and seeds, refined sugar, coffee, alcohol and vegetable oil. A person who is following an AIP diet will not eat these foods as they can trigger an autoimmune response . The first phase of the autoimmune Paleo diet is elimination and involves removal of foods believed to cause an inflammatory reaction, imbalances between good and bad bacteria in the gut, or that trigger an immune response.

It Restores Nutrients And Flora That Promote A Healthy Gut And Well

When you reintroduce foods into your diet it’s important to eat the food once in a small amount, wait 24 hours. Eat it again in a larger amount, wait 24 hours, and then have a large serving and wait a final hours… after that 3 DAY PROCESS… you should know for sure. In the latter case, the idea is to restrict every common allergenic food for a period of time, and then slowly add them back one at a time.

A return in symptoms could indicate a food intolerance or sensitivity, and you may consider eliminating that food from your diet. During this time, you can carefully monitor for symptoms of inflammation. Elimination diets are useful for identifying food sensitivities, intolerance, and allergies. Nuts and seeds, including items derived from this food group such as coffee, chocolate, certain vegetable seed oils, and certain spices such as cumin and coriander. According to the National Institute of Health , more than 24 million people are affected by autoimmune disorders in the United States . Additionally, some preliminary research suggests dietary factors may play a role in the development of these medical conditions among susceptible individuals.

However, it’s important to understand that these foods can be inflammatory for some individuals with an autoimmune condition. Although the AIP protocol is best known for its impressive effect on autoimmune cases, its health benefits don’t stop there. AIP has the potential to help anyone suffering from chronic inflammation or disease. This may include diagnosis of leaky gut, SIBO, asthma, allergies, eczema, hypothyroidism, depression, and more. Dairy, legumes, grains, and refined and processed sugars are to be avoided. Quality meat, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, fruit, and seafood should be eaten.

Ingredient Substitutions For An Aip Diet Autoimmune Protocol

Emotional issues we experience may be some of the root causes of the disease so it’s a good idea to let this out and address that trauma. You will find great comfort and realize that you are not alone in this a that there are many people struggling to heal from the disease similar to yours. If you find it too demanding, you can always start the diet from the beginning, but this time with small baby steps. Get holland and barrett Vegan CBD gummies rid of all the foods that you are not allowed to eat during AIP diet. Finding out what works best for you and knowing that you have many options to help your body heal will ease your mind and make you feel more determined. There are plenty of ways you can heal yourself if this diet does not work for you such as Homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Neuropathic options, and even maybe modern medicine can help a lot.

Having an autoimmune condition is usually linked to factors from your diet, lifestyle, and/or genetics. AIP is an anti-inflammatory diet – the protocol involves eliminating inflammation-causing foods like grains, dairy, and refined carbohydrates. If you’re suffering from an autoimmune condition, and you’d like to reduce your symptoms, AIP is for you. I’ll also explain why the Autoimmune Protocol can help many people improve their autoimmune symptoms as well as give you a different option to try if starting AIP seems like it’s just too difficult. While the research on overall gut health is incredibly minimal, there have been studies performed showing the efficacy of the AIP on leaky gut.

Aip Lunch Recipes

Even though the diet plan is quite restrictive for certain foods, it will allow your body to heal, will nourish your body with proper nutrients and at the same time will offer you plenty of energy. Inflammation reduction is an integral pillar of overall health. There are also conditions that commonly go hand-in-hand with autoimmune conditions, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, PCOS and eczema.

What Is The Autoimmune Protocol Diet?

For the purposes of the study, the health coaches and NTPs also collaborated with the lead physician in the event of any medical concerns for study participants. Where appropriate, the lead health coach and physician discussed with individual participants regarding any concerns and helped the participant address them effectively. Autoimmune conditions happen when the body’s immune system has trouble distinguishing between threats and healthy cells, and begins to attack a person’s own cells and organs.

Unfortunately, many of these antibodies that are formed to react with dietary proteins can also react with our own body tissues7 – this is the basis for autoimmunity. Macrophages and dendritic cells will chew up invading dietary proteins and “present” their findings to T cells. This time, the inflammatory microenvironment will cause them to differentiate into effector T cells, which will help curb the invasion but also prime the immune system for future attacks. Many of these immune cells are found within dome-like structures called Peyer’s patches.

If you search AIP vegetarian you can find websites, but Dr. Kharrazian doesn’t recommend going that route. Sadly, Dr. Kharrazian isn’t able to give medical advice via the blog or via email. Without a full exam and health history, it would be impossible to tell you what to do. Below I offer some info that may help you find the help you need. Some patients whose lab tests show a true iodine deficiency will eat them. If you choose to consume them, get your TPO tested periodically to find out if it’s going up.

They may also give you advice on which vegetables and fruits are better for you than others at this time in your journey. To add to this, unless approved by your doctor a low carb diet should also be considered a temporary solution to persistent issues that you are troubleshooting after trying the AIP. Here is a post by The Paleo Mom that further discusses how long term low carb diets can wreak havoc on the gut microbiome . High cholesterol is something many people need to worry about. It can lead to all kinds of nasty, potentially fatal health problems…plus it is a sign of lingering inflammation in the body. Low carb diets can help combat high bad cholesterol by increasing the levels of good cholesterol in the body.

If you’ve been eating a Standard American Diet , AKA a diet high in processed foods and added sugars, you’re likely to have an overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria in your gut. Leaky gut is thought to be one of the key causes of autoimmune disease. All these autoimmune conditions have one thing in common – their symptoms are caused by your immune system attacking your own body. The Autoimmune Protocol Diet is a Bottom Line of these diet and lifestyle changes. It was designed specifically to help autoimmune sufferers ease their symptoms and heal their bodies.

The other brand I like is Probiogen Daily Digestive Balance. This is the highest potency spore and yeast probiotic available on the market today. The microbiologist-formulated blend is guaranteed to survive and thrive in the gut 100x better than other leading brands and will support healthy digestion, immune system health, and vitality. A study published in put the Autoimmune Protocol to the test in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis) and the results were very favourable.

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