Bruny Island Ferry Where Movement Is Crucial

The Bruny Island Ferry service is operated by the Bruny Island Ferry Company. Going  to Bruny Island is normally by vehicle ferry. The Bruny Island Ferry, The Mirambeena, leaves from Kettering, 40 minutes drive south of Hobart.The Bruny Island Ferry crossing takes 20 minutes and offers astounding views of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel from the upper deck.The bruny island ferry has a departure time. They charge certain fee to board their ferry. Fare for vehicles less than 6 metres are Standard ferry fare $30.00 to $35.00 Pensioner $20.00, Seniors card $25.00, Motor cycles and bicycles, Motor cycle $5.00,  Bicycle $3.00.The bruny island ferry has a history .


The initial vessels to really  ferry people between the mainland and Bruny Island occurred in Bruny Island pre-history, they were the bark canoes designed  by the Nuenonne tribe who resided on Bruny Island and along the shores of the D’entrecasteaux Channel as good as up the Derwent River to the area around Sandy Bay. Depending on seasons the Nuenonne folks had a choice to live either on Bruny Island or the mainland. The major quarry for their stone equipment was on the mainland near Kettering so they would use their canoes to carry tool making material over to their Bruny Island campsites. The dinstintive construction of these canoes, long strips of jaunty bark bound together into three independent hulls, which definitely mean that they could not capsize even in an unfriendly weather condition.

Until about sixty five thousand years ago there were no homo sapien in Tasmania or on the Australian “mainland”.  The first set of individual to dwell in Tasmania were the descendants of ‘boat people’ from Asia who took advantage of lower sea levels during the last Ice Age to move across the narrow stretch of water that then separated northern Australia from what is now Indonesia. From north Australia these first boat people slowly expand across the continent  until they reached Tasmania around 45,000 years ago.
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