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African humor can be seen from several angles. This could be stories that tourists and foreign workers from non-governmental organizations talk about comic encounters with people and animals in Africa. Along with this, there are very malicious jokes that play about poverty in Africa or lack of Western education. But all this is in the area of ​​foreign, not African, while observing and interacting with Africans.

One could say that one of the highest forms of African jokes are scams that Nigerian email entrepreneurs replicate in the West for more than a decade. Oh, cruel, yes, the flight is correct. However, you have to laugh that people really respond and they were financially lost.

Western comedians scoff at politicians and the political process. Doing so in many African countries can set you up for all sorts of persecution and even death. But when citizens are able to jest openly about their government, it is a sign of a strong democracy. This political humor was often said in the art form of the cartoon.
African humor has come a long way from Joe. A modern political humor example can be found in South Africa on the television show “Tonight with Trevor Noah”. The show, although many like John Daily Show that broadcasts every night the United States. Noah’s show fills with African political satire. The prime time, Noah’s night vision shows corresponds to the African culture. As Noah said: “Africans do not watch television 22 hours. African comedy the first time, I will say that African political humor grew.

Laughter can be heard throughout Africa. However, this is not always a good sign. There are cases recorded on Wikipedia, the Kashasha laughter epidemic, Tanzania in 1962. The bursting of laughter was carried out in a boarding school run by a Christian mission. The girls from different places of the school began to laugh at the same time. Uncontrollable laughter seized 95 of the 159 students. Some girls stopped laughing after a few hours, others continued for 16 days.

Each culture has its own way of expressing humor. Africa is no different in this regard. And, it seems, contemporary African humor evolves.

There are many African forums covering the broad spectrum of humor in Africa. One of such platform is AfricaSpy, a site about music, funny comedy videos and lots of entertainment.

One of the trending course of laughter in africa is the Mark Angel Comedy. This has to do with serious of African funny videos created by Mark Angel and Emmanuella. There videos attract millions of views on Youtube

These set of people seem to be created much laughter in Africa using their serious of comedy videos.


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