3 Breathing (Åndedrætsværn) Exercises For Stress

Stress is not fine. For a short period of stress can not hurt. But if you have long stressed, this is very unpleasant. Moreover, stress can cause many different symptoms. When you go to the doctor to do some of the stress, you often get drugs to calm yourself. It also affects your breathing (Åndedrætsværn).

Whether you get something to suppress the symptoms of stress. For example, pills against a high blood pressure . These agents are often effective, but they often do not solve the cause of the stress. They only suppress the symptoms. My suggestion is to see if we can remove the cause of the stress. And preferably in a natural way. Breathing exercises for stress can help here.


3 Breathing (Åndedrætsværn) exercises for stress

1. Calm Breathing 

Many people breathe wrong, simply because they have never been aware of breathing. The moment you are going to devote attention to here, then you will find that you can start sending the breath with a little practice. You can get low I put the belly, or even high in the chest.

You can start to breathe faster or slower. The easiest of the breathing exercises for stress is to simply to calm the breathing. This moving POISON help you with that. Try to breathe when the figure increases. And try to exhale when the figure is smaller. If you would like to, try breathing in sync with this

Soothing heh? You notice immediately if the influence of breathing on your stress level.

2. Ratio Åndedrætsværn (Breathing)

If you do not have the ability to look at the figure, for example, because you’re in the car, you could also try to get started with ratios. This can make it very complicated, but a simple breathing exercise to stress ratio is a 1: 2 ratio. In other words, you make exhalation twice as long as your inhalation. Because breathing is calm, it calms your nervous system. You switch from active to quiet. Stress relaxation. Exercise is super effective and very simple. This is one of the best exercises breathing in case of stress.

3. Nadi shodhana

Nadi Shodhana is a simple but very effective way to soothe both body and mind.

These traditional breathing exercises from yoga works well with stress and also calms the nervous system.

So you enter Nadi Shodhana out:

Make sure you come sit easily without tension in the body. This can be in the lotus position, sitting cross-legged or just a chair. Now place your right thumb on your right nostril and breathe deeply through your left nostril.
closes you off your left nostril with your ring finger after inhalation (put your index and middle finger on the point between your eyebrows). Now liberated the right nostril and exhale again via this nostril.

After you have completely exhaled, again you breathe in through your right nostril. If you inhale completely, closes off the right nostril with your thumb. Then freed from the left nostril and breathe this again. This will take you a few minutes. Remember that the nostril through which you breathe, even the nostril through which you breathe again. For more info about Åndedrætsværn exercises visit https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/respirator-mask#/entity